Our Top Date Night (or Afternoon) Ideas

We love date nights at SafeCircle, in fact we should just become the official sponsors of date nights everywhere! And actually, we don’t just love date nights but date afternoons as well. Whether it’s with a partner, friends or family, we love it all.

We firmly believe that having some time to ourselves as parents is a healthy thing and allows us to enjoy a little bit of ‘me’ again… that’s the bit of ‘me’ that’s not mum or dad with yoghurt marks down their jeans, the part of ‘me’ that gets to dress up and head out for a few hours for a good laugh with friends and family.

For many parents, however, having those frequent date nights is reliant on finding a reliable and fantastic babysitter that’s perfect for your family…the kind of babysitter where you can leave the house, both happy and confident knowing that your children are also happy and safe.

SafeCircle is on hand to help you find babysitters that are perfect for your family, hand-selected by childcare experts

Well, that’s where we come in at SafeCircle Sitters, as we are on hand to help you every step of the way to finding your perfect babysitter and enjoying some more date nights. To find out more head over to the website and see your local sitters.

In the meantime, we’ve come up with this list of 16 ideas for date nights out for you to try once you’ve booked your babysitter. Some are classics (we do like a classic), and some are a little different, so you’re sure to find something that matches your personal date night style:

1. Meal out at a restaurant

Try a new place or head back to your old favourites, this is a classic date night out so had to be top of our list.

2. Cinema

With those plush chairs, and all the popcorn, wine and beer you can manage this is every parent’s dream date. Go on – put your feet up for a few hours.

3. Escape room

Ever tried these? We love them, and have completed almost all in our local area. It’s a brilliant date night/afternoon idea, as it gets you working together, and you can always pop for a drink afterwards to celebrate your escape success.

4. Theatre Show

There’s always something going on at the local theatre and the range of shows and talent makes for a fantastic night out.

5. Afternoon Tea

An idea for those who want a more relaxed date earlier in the day. Book a lovely afternoon tea to tuck into, you can even get offers with a cheeky prosecco instead of tea.

6. Comedy Club

With one in all major cities across the UK, why not visit a comedy club and see some of the best up and coming comedians, for a great laugh.

7. Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love mini golf? Another classic and again great idea for afternoon or early evening dates.

8. Concert

Got a favourite performer on tour near you? Don’t miss out on tickets because you have no babysitter… book a SafeCircle Sitter and go for it. After all, these make some of the best memories.

Our Top Date Night (or Afternoon) Ideas

9. Food and Drink festivals

There are so many of these that pop up throughout the year, so don’t miss them, go and enjoy some great food, and drink and music.

10. Spa Afternoon

Ahhhhh just imagine some uninterrupted time in a spa, soaking in the jacuzzi and steam room after a massage… need we say more? You can book short afternoon visits for a fab deal as well so be sure to check them out.

11. Go Cart Racing

For the adrenaline junkies, this is a great date night full of twists and turns and occasional bumps.

12. Pool or Darts

This one is nice chilled date night idea, with a few games of pool or darts at your local pub or club.

13. VR experience

This is another one for the adventurous, as it’s an amazing and completely immersive experience. You can choose different games to play and often alongside others as a larger group.

14. Karaoke

Come on… it had to be on the list! Although not for everyone, karaoke is a golden oldie in our opinion, and for the brave it makes a fabulously funny date night.

15. Arcades

If you have an arcade bar near you this can make for a good date night, with a few games of air hockey, basket hoops and some cocktails on the side.

16. Riverboat Cruise

For a really fancy night out how about dinner on a river boat? This one is certainly a special occasions affair but we love it.

So there you have it! 16 great ideas for how you can spend your next date night… when will you be booking your babysitter?

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