Our Unique Assurance Framework – How we recruit the exceptional babysitters

At SafeCircle, safety is built into the heart of what we do through our Assurance Checks.

SafeCircle Assurance Checks (part 1 of the Assurance Framework)

From safe recruitment to on-going checks, we assure parents that our babysitters remain at regulation standard, and display unrivalled quality care.

Safer Recruitment – Ensuring we start with quality

Childcare Qualification Pre-screening Qualifications

An initial online application is completed by each SafeCircle babysitter, verifying that the applicant is at least 21 years of age, has a child-based qualification and extensive childcare experience with children of all ages.

Interview Face-to-Face Interview

A face-to-face interview is then conducted with each successful applicant to screen for their comprehensive knowledge and skill in childcare. As part of this interview they also undergo a character evaluation to ensure they display our required level of professionalism and discretion.

Police Check (DBS) Police Checks (DBS)

Each SafeCircle sitter has been checked for a clear enhanced DBS check (previously CRB) within the last 3 years.

Paediatric First Aid Paediatric First Aid

A verification of the sitter’s Paediatric First Aid is conducted and the expiration status of their certification is monitored for updates.

References References

A minimum of two references are contacted to verify the sitter’s work history over the past 3 years and experience level with children. Only professional babysitters with positive references are accepted into the SafeCircle team.

“Over 85% of applicants don’t make it through our stringent tests. Rest assured, SafeCircle sitters are highly professional and provide exceptional care.”

Keeley Black – Family Consultant

Ongoing Checks – Ensuring quality continues

Police Checks (DBS) Police Checks

Unlike our competitors, here at SafeCircle we complete reviews of each of our babysitter’s DBS checks every three years to ensure that they are still suitable to be a SafeCircle sitter.

Paediatric First Aid Paediatric First Aid

We verify that our sitters meet the same standards demanded of other childcare industries by ensuring they continue to have the capabilities to perform crucial first aid, and re-train in such every three years so knowledge is updated.

References Reference Reviews

We also conduct reviews of each sitter’s working status every three years to ensure they have not received any disciplinary action or notices so they remain suitable to work as a SafeCircle babysitter.

Feedback Feedback

Continuous feedback is gathered from member families and posted on each babysitter’s online profile for other member families to review. We also perform an additional check of all feedback every year to ensure standards are maintained.

Read our 5 star reviews from returning member families here.

“If sitters fail any of the above checks, they are immediately removed from service until pending a review of their status on the team.”

Keeley Black – Family Consultant

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