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How to find a babysitter and things to consider

When the times comes and you’re ready to go out for the evening you’ll start thinking about sorting out childcare. For many this is a simply task of asking grandparents, who are usually thrilled to babysit… but what do you do if you don’t have grandparents available? What if they live across the country, or in another country, or are unable to help because of other reasons? Well at this point you start to think about finding a babysitter but where do you start? And what do you need to be considering and looking out for?

We’ve put together some top tips for ‘How to find a babysitter and things to consider’ :

Where to find a babysitter?

There are loads of places to find a babysitter, after all with the internet at our finger tips we can find information anywhere, anytime these days. You will however need to consider carefully which avenue you choose to go down as some are safer than others and we cover this in other blog articles.

Places to look for a babysitter include;

  • Asking friends and family if they know anyone
  • Asking staff at your child’s school or nursery
  • Contacting a local childminder
  • Asking for recommendations on local community pages via social media
  • Searching on website directories and apps
  • Contacting a nanny or babysitting agency

This isn’t an exhaustive list of places to find a babysitter, as we’ve seen people be creative in their search over the years but these are the top avenues which parents tend to use. That said, each option has its pro’s and con’s, and navigating which are a safe option can be difficult.

Each option also comes with a different level of time and input to finding a babysitter. For example finding a babysitter through a website directory or app can take up huge amounts of time to sift through profiles, contact them, do checks and references etc, whereas contacting a nanny or babysitting agency can find you a babysitter within a few hours as they have done the checks for you. It’s really down to your personal choice on how much time and involvement you want in locating a babysitter.   Whatever you choose to do make sure you take your time when looking (don’t feel pushed to find someone and book), be clear on what you are wanting from your babysitter and always follow your instinct, after all if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

It’s down to your personal choice – don’t feel pushed to book and always follow your instinct.

Keeley Black – Family Consultant, SafeCircle Sitters

Things to consider and what should I be looking out for?

This is a really broad question and part of the answer is “what are you looking for?”. When parents start searching for a babysitter each will have a different opinion on what a babysitter should be, how they should behave and how much they should cost.

SafeCircle advocates for the use of a childcare qualified adult for any babysitting roles but as a parent it down to your judgement and choice as to who you use. Here are some things you will want to consider to help you figure out what to look for;

  • Adult vs teenager – how old is the babysitter, are they of an age where they are mature enough to put the needs of your children first, and always?
  • Qualification vs experience – is the babysitter childcare qualified with professional experience or have they just babysat for a lot of their family members? How do you feel about this?
  • Paediatric first aid vs common sense – does your babysitter have an up to date paediatric first aid certificate, demonstrating they can handle emergency medical situations or is your babysitter able to use their common sense to handle this? What are you comfortable with?
  • DBS check vs good references – does the babysitter hold a clear enhanced DBS check, or have you opted for accepting references only? What does each of these tell you about the babysitter, their skills and professionalism?
  • £5ph vs £10ph – pricing is a big question, and each parent will have a different budget for babysitting but when considering options remember that you often ‘get what you pay for’.

Next step

Searching for a babysitter is a minefield and all parents want is to get across in one piece and enjoy a night out knowing that their children are safe at home with someone they can trust after all you can only really enjoy your night fully if you completely trust your babysitter.

So take the time to thing about what you want from your babysitter, what your confortable with and make a start on your search.

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SafeCircle Sitters helps busy parents find qualified and regulated babysitters to enjoy worry-free nights out within our operating areas. Check out if we have sitters in your area at

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