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Finding a babysitter when away from home

Finding a babysitter when you’re away from home is a problem which presents itself to many of our customers who include; small and large scale business owners, sports professionals and doctors who travel not just for pleasure but for business. Whether you’re going away on holiday or for business purposes you don’t always take your family with you meaning grandparents, aunts and uncles are not always on hand to babysit. So what do you do for childcare when you need it?

Here are some of the options out there for parents.

Hotel Babysitters and Listening Service

Many of the top end hotels across the UK have in house babysitting services. The manner in which these babysitting services are delivered however varies greatly due to the fact that they are run by the hospitality industry and not by childcare experts.

Some of the hotel babysitting services include a member of hotel staff (the babysitter) staying in the hotel room or suite with the children for the duration of your absence, whilst other hotels only offer a listening service. A baby listening service is again performed by a staff member from the hotel who has no specific training in childcare or safeguarding who will either come past your room on a regular basis or listen in on a monitor to check on your child’s welfare. This is not the safest option available and SafeCircle would always advocate the use of a childcare qualified adult to remain in the hotel room with your child for the duration of your absence.

Some hotels in other countries such as 5 star or all inclusive resorts will often have babysitting services which are completed by their in house and childcare trained staff. These are usually the same staff who provide the children’s clubs during the day.

If the hotel you are staying at has a babysitting or listening service you can usually book via the front desk, but advance notice is recommended.

Nanny or babysitting agency

Across the UK and in many countries across the world, there are local nanny and babysitting services, which you can access easily via the internet. These services allow you to book a babysitter local to where you are staying, and they will come to care for your children at your hotel room, or rental apartment.

As noted in other blog articles (Babysitting agency vs DIY searches) by SafeCircle, we recommend you exercise caution and judgement when considering which nanny or babysitting agency to use, as many have been set up and are run by those without professional childcare experience, qualifications or training in Safer Recruitment. They also often have huge databases of nannies available for babysitting who have not been re-checked in many years. Be sure to check out information about the experience and knowledge of those running the agency, and for their recruitment and vetting process. A safe and responsible service would have these freely available for you to view.

DIY searches

There is always the option to complete a Do It Yourself (DIY) search for babysitters local to where you will be staying. This can be done via searching website and apps which have huge databases of people offering their services as a babysitter. This will allow you to filter down babysitters in the area you are travelling to and that meet your required needs, however be aware this can be time consuming.

You can then complete your own vetting and checks on the babysitter before looking to book their services. As with any consideration of booking a babysitter, please take care to check the authenticity of the person, and their credentials to safeguard your children. We have numerous blog articles on what to look out for when searching for a babysitter, that may help you.

SafeCircle Sitters

SafeCircle Sitters offers babysitting services for families travelling to our operating areas. Our sitters will come to your hotel room, suite, rental apartment, or family and friends addresses to care for your children wherever you are staying.

SafeCircle has a variety of babysitters on our team all mature adults qualified in a childcare related field with proven professional experience (not just babysitting family and friends). We have babysitters with specific skill sets in caring for newborns and those with special educational needs (area dependent). Our babysitters are able to care for children of any age and we help to match you with your ideal sitter through our complimentary Expert Consultation service.

Parents can feel confident when booking our exclusive 5 star SafeCircle babysitters, knowing they are qualified, regulated and trusted by our returning member families.

Next step

All of the above options are depending on the area you are traveling to and the facilities you choose to use, but these should give you a starting point in respect of considering how to find childcare when you are away from home. If you wish to book a babysitter in one of our operating areas please get in touch to book your complimentary Expert Consultation and let us help match you with your ideal babysitter.

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