Hollie’s Guard – Helping Keep Kids Safe

What is Hollie’s Guard?

Simply put Hollie’s Guard is an app that turns a mobile phone into a safety device.

It’s hard for parents to get used to the idea of allowing their children out on their own, or even just walking home from school. This simple app on their child’s phone could offer a lot of reassurance.

Hollies Guard 1

The app can be downloaded onto any iPhone or Android phone, and once activated a child can let their parents know they are in trouble or danger easily by shaking or tapping the phone.

It can be set to send a discreet warning signal to the child’s emergency contacts, along with their exact location, audio and video recordings of what is happening. Alternatively, it can be used as a deterrent by activating a loud piercing siren and strobe lighting to attract attention and help.


Who is Hollie?

Hollie Guard 2

The Hollie Guard app was created by the Hollie Gazzard Trust, after 20-year-old hairdresser Hollie was tragically killed by her stalker and former partner Asher Maslin in 2014.


Who can use it and how can it help?

The app is designed to be accessible for everyone and is aimed to helping those in any danger or risky situation. It was been proven to help victims of stalking, domestic abuse, and even those who work alone.

Once downloaded, users simply register giving their name, email and date of birth. It allows you to add your own emergency contacts who will be alerted when you click on the app and shake your phone to show that you’re in trouble.

Those people receive a text message and an email to warn of the emergency and GPS is used to give them your exact location.


Have questions?

Visit the website here to find out more.

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