“How do other parents get over it being a stranger?” – Mother of 2 children

This is the BIG question and one we get asked most often and for good reason! Using a new babysitter for the first time is very anxiety provoking after all this is your precious little ones we are talking about. If you’re not in a position to be able to use family or friends for babysitting then it falls to using a babysitter to be able to have that much deserved time out from parenting.


We have already looked into the risks of using social media to find a babysitter, but even using a reputable agency/website or service such as SafeCircle Sitters will leave parents with worries, after all the babysitters are strangers on that first booking. One of our parents ‘Eyes of a mum’ blogger Lydia Coleman talked about this very issue in her video review of the service.


Lydia spoke in her video about how she got over the fact that she had booked a babysitting service over the internet with a stranger:




At SafeCircle we are parents ourselves and have the very same anxieties which is why we have taken steps to help parents to overcome this anxiety and be offered the reassurance they need to book a sitter with SafeCircle.


What have we done to help?

  1. Clear and transparent recruitment and review process: Each sitter has their own profile page which tells you about their professional childcare experience, qualifications, training and what checks have been completed and when they are due for renewal (something which other agencies or services do not offer). The profile pages are not self editing meaning that the information on them is up to date and verified by us out Head Office.
  2. Independent Reviews: Each sitter has a star rating from the parents who have booked them before as well as written reviews. You can see what parents have to say about our sitters on our review page as well.
  3. Request a Call Feature: We have a Request a Call feature which allows parents to talk to sitters and do whatever is needed to feel comfortable with their choice about childcare. Many of our sitters are also happy to pop out and met families before the day of the booking for that extra peace of mind.
  4. SafeCircle ID Card: All of our approved babysitters carry an ID card with them on babysits which allows parents to ensure that the person on the profile image of the sitter (which cannot be edited by them) matches the person on their doorstep and on the ID card. All profile images are taken by SafeCircle to ensure authenticity.
  5. Customer Service Support: We are always happy to help answer any questions that our parents have about the service, and our phone lines are always open whilst bookings are taking place to ensure that both parents and sitters are supported to have a great sit experience.
  6. Advice and guidance: Our website has a number of helpful articles as well as further information on our blog page.


Remember you’re not on your own with feeling anxious about using a babysitting service, so here are Our Top 3 Tips from SafeCircle Parents in finding a babysitter. 


If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us… we love to chat!



Tel: 0203 811 0445

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