Top 3 tips from parents when looking for a SafeCircle Sitter

So you’ve had a look at the website and are now thinking how nice it would be to be able to head out and watch that new film or grab a cocktail with friends, but you’re still not sure….. well check out our Top 3 Tips from Parents already using the service.

  1. Check out their reviews: Log in and see who is in your area and check out their profile information including reviews. As parents you want to know what other parents think so have a good look at what others have to say about the sitters. Each sitter will have a star rating which is updated after every sit.
  2. Talk to your preferred sitter: We know how anxiety provoking it can be book a new babysitter which is why we encourage parents to talk with babysitters before they book. So use the ‘Request a Call’ feature to talk to the sitters in your area and get to know a bit more about them and get comfortable.
  3. Do the first sit at home: Many of our parents are booking a sitter and staying home to do some housework or take a relaxing bath. This is a get chance to get to see how the sitter and your little ones get along which will add reassurance for when you’re ready to head out.

Take a look at who is in your area

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