Meet our sitters – Nicola (43 yrs)

We seem to say this all the time but do you know what we are going to say it again…. SafeCircle is extremely proud of each and every one of our babysitters. This is down to the work we do to ensure that each one meets our high expectations through the stringent recruitment process and therefore are a higher caliber of professionalism which you won’t find in other services or agencies.


Our sitters are not however just numbers to us and their personalities, friendliness and professionalism are what parents have commented on when rating the sitters 5 stars!


So here’s your chance to meet some of our babysitters and find out a little more about them than just their qualifications and vetting check status as we asked them a few questions:

Nicola Bradshaw - SS

Introducing Nicola (43 yrs), Childminder based in Nottinghamshire


What is the best thing about working as a SafeCircle Sitter? 

“I feel that SafeCircle Sitters is really good for parents to know that they have someone coming to look after their children that are a high quality childcare provider, as they are highly scrutinised, and can’t just be anybody. I feel it’s such a privilege that parents trust us so much, as to look after the most important people in their lives, when they’ve never met us. That’s the trust that we give with SafeCircle Sitters, and these are the reasons I love working for them. Along with the facts the management are always there to answer your questions, they get back to you very fast , and the support from them is brilliant, so thank you Keeley and Adam.”


Do you have any pets (if so what animals and anything about them you’d like to share ie fluffy or likes to steal treats etc)

“I have 2 cats and 2 chickens, one of my cats is grey with long fur and her name is Fluffy, she is so loving and cries for me when I’m not around, she’s gorgeous, she’s like a model cat. The other is called Tabby, he is also very loving and is a mummy’s boy, I rescued him as a older kitten from a Facebook site, and he has some lovely quirks, like he steals all the food, so we have to serve it separately because he will bully Fluffy to give hers up haha. The chickens are another story, they belong to my Husband, and are quite funny really, even though I didn’t want them, they are a bit cute.”


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside work and family life?

“I don’t get much time to myself, as I work long hours Childminding in the daytime, and then babysitting on top, but when I do get free time, when I’m not doing Mummy duties after school, I love going to bingo. I may sound old, but it’s my release from being Mum, Wife and looking after little ones. I cherish that time. When I’m really spoilt I get a day spa with my Best Friend, that is fantastic!”


Favourite holiday destination?

“Holidays are my hobby, I would be on holiday a lot more if I could. I usually go 1 week a year with my girlfriends and then a 2 week family holiday. If I don’t have a holiday booked to look forward to, I have itchy feet and have to be searching for the next one. My favourite place in the world is Greece, I have traveled the world before children, but Greece is where my heart is.”


Your guilty pleasure? 

“My guilty pleasure believe it or not is McDonald’s haha, I sneak them sometimes. It’s quite good that I always have children around me really, otherwise I’d be really unhealthy, as I’d be there all the time, but I can’t go when I have the children so it stops me. I do have a new problem coming, as they are building a new one in my town, it’s going to be very hard driving past there every day ha ha.”


Reviews for Nicola:

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