Meet Our Sitters – Emma (32 yrs)

We seem to say this all the time but do you know what we are going to say it again…. SafeCircle is extremely proud of each and every one of our babysitters. This is down to the work we do to ensure that each one meets our high expectations through the stringent recruitment process and therefore are a higher caliber of professionalism which you won’t find in other services or agencies.


Our sitters are not however just numbers to us and their personalities, friendliness and professionalism are what parents have commented on when rating the sitters 5 stars!


So here’s your chance to meet some of our babysitters and find out a little more about them than just their qualifications and vetting check status as we asked them a few questions:

EP - profile bigger

Introducing Emma (32 yrs), Children in Care Nurse based in Nottinghamshire


What is the best thing about working as a SafeCircle Sitter? 

“Being able to help others out when in need is something I joined to do. I find it rewarding and a pleasure that people will allow me to care for their children. I hope the children enjoy their time with me and parents can relax knowing this!”


Do you have any pets (if so what animals and anything about them you’d like to share ie fluffy or likes to steal treats etc)

“I have no animals, but if I had the time I’d love a little squishy faced Pug, or a Beagle! I will probably settle for a child friendly Guinea Pig though if I’m to give in to my eldest child.”


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside work and family life?

“I love working out, using weights, and an occasional leisurely run! I quite enjoy making things, but I’m quite typically on the move a lot, so crafting really is when I force myself to sit and wind down. I like to keep busy! I enjoy writing a lot too, but only really related to work.”


Favourite holiday destination?

“My favourite place to date has to be India… in Goa, before it became very commercialised.”


Your guilty pleasure? 

“Guilty pleasure… Danny from The Script, or Adam Levine. Not sure I’m guilty though, but their my pleasures! My most recent really guilty pleasure is most likely to be the new Galaxy Darker… that makes me feel good and bad at the same time!! Delicious.”


References for Emma:

Visit to book Emma or any one of our other fabulous babysitters.

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