How much time does your babysitter spend on social media?

Social media is a huge part of every day life, and chances are you came across this blog article via some form of social media. But how much time does your babysitter spend on social media and are they really watching your children?

There has been a lot of advice come out and questions over whether parents should have a social media clause in their contracts with babysitters to reduce the time they spend using their phones and other devices after it was raised that many babysitters were not providing their full attention to the children in their care due to their social media habits. 

For those parents who choose to use teenage or young adults to babysit for their children, this is an issue they will be facing as younger babysitters have grown up in a world where they believe that their social media presence is part of their identity. So how can parents be sure that when they are babysitting their children they are not spending all of their time on social media? 

On the same thought stream, are you sure that your babysitter isn’t posting images of your children or home online? Not all parents are Facebook or Instagram friends with their babysitter so how would you know, and can you trust them? Young people have been raised in a world where their followers and likes account for a huge proportion of their social identity and status and unfortunately there are parents who have found out after the fact that images of their child have been posted online with #babysitting where the babysitter is cataloguing their daily activities including caring for your children. 

So how do you handle this social media situation? Here are our top tips:

1. Where possible use an older and more experienced babysitter as they are less likely to be displaying the same social media habits.

2. Be clear from the start that the babysitter is not the take photos of your children or post anything on Facebook about the booking.

3. Ask the babysitter to ensure they are only using their phone for emergencies when the children are awake.

As a parent who is paying for a service, they are entitled to dictate the terms under which the babysitter should perform and these requests above significant decrease the risk of the babysitter being distracted whilst caring for your children and therefore will be happier and safer.

All SafeCircle babysitters are mature adults who have signed up to our Codes of Professional Responsibility which includes agreed terms on the use of phones during bookings and we are proud to say that they are professional throughout and do not use their phones whilst the children are awake other than for contact with parents or an emergency.  This has resulted in consistent 5 star reviews from our returning member families who report their children are happy in the care of their babysitter, who is engaging and interacting with them throughout the booking. 




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