Lark in the Park 2019 – Safety Tips

A FREE fun filled family day out on Wednesday 7th August 2019 from 10am – 4pm at West Bridgford Park.


Lark in the Park is one of the oldest and biggest free playdays in Nottinghamshire and therefore one of the busiest. SafeCircle Sitters will be going along to the free event again this year to offer families a selection of child friendly activities and to talk to parents about who we are and how we work so be sure to drop by and say “hello”.


With such a huge and busy event however the Rushcliffe Borough Council have said that “Every year our safety stewards deal with around 20 cases of lost children but that’s happily just a fraction of the thousands who come through the gates of Bridgford Park.”


To help prevent your child becoming one of the many who will become lost again at this years events, Rushcliffe Borough Council have given out their top tips to stay safe and panic-free:

  1. Before you leave home prepare some form of written ID for your child. Pop a note with your name and a mobile phone number hidden in your in your child’s pocket or even better, pick up one of Rushcliffe Borough Council’s free ID wristbands at the Rushcliffe Borough Council information point on arrival. That way, if one of our stewards locates your child we’ll be able to give you a call immediately and let you know they’re safe.
  2. Get your child to wear bright clothing to stand out in the crowds and challenge them to remember what YOU are wearing so they can describe you to a steward if needed. Consider taking a quick group selfie on your phone before you leave the house – our stewards will be able to conduct a much more accurate search if we have a photo to help us. Ask older children if they know YOUR name and could tell an adult in an emergency.
  3. Agree a meeting place when you arrive – we suggest the information point as there’ll always be stewards on hand here to take reports and give announcements via our public address system if needed.
  4. Teach your child to who you consider safe to ask for help – a mum walking with other children, a steward, a police officer etc. Teach your child never to go off with strangers and tell them never to leave the park without you, even if an adult offers to help them find you.
  5. Keep your group in check. It’s very easy to get distracted by noise and crowds but if you’re sharing a childcare role with friends or family be clear about who is watching over them, especially if you’re going to the loo, queing for food etc. You can’t keep your eyes on older children all the time, especially in busy areas such as the play park, but ask your child to keep coming back to you regularly and report in.
  6. Act immediately if your child becomes lost. Resist the temptation to try and search for your child alone – report to the information point or your nearest steward for help. We have a dedicated team on hand and will be at your assistance straight away.


We hope you all have a great day and don’t forget that sun cream as we hears its going to be another warm event this year!



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