7 Reasons to Book a Babysitter

SafeCircle Sitters have recruited local childcare professionals for evening babysitting sessions however local families have been using our sitters in other unique ways to regain more “me” time or help around the house. Check out our Top 7 Reasons to Book a Babysitter:

1. Date night!

Whether it’s with the other half, a girls night out or beer and pool with the lads, the #1 reason to book a babysitter will always be a date night out. Parents shouldn’t have to plan their nights out around family or friends plans and miss out if grandparents are busy nor should they feel guilty about wanting some kids free time after all parents are still people, and we all feel good after some rest and relaxation. So why wait… get planning and book your sitter.

2. Work at home

Many of our parents are self employed or work from home. As we all know this can be challenging with children in the house, so our local families book a sitter to entertain and care for the children enabling them to get a few extra hours work done.

3. Party on!

We have had a recent booking where a family member used our sitter to help care and entertain the children during a family party. What a great way to ensure the kids have fun and attention as well as freeing you up to engage in some chat chat with family or friends over that glass of wine or beer. This will also work great for kids parties or even those awesome new trendy Sleep Over Parties now available.

4. Weddings bells

Speaking of parties, our sitters are also available to do hotel bookings so if your attending a wedding why not book a sitter to care for the children in the evening so you can go back to the party and celebrate…. or even better book a sitter to entertain and care for the children during the speeches. I’m sure they will love giving their own little speech to the sitter in another room.

5. Spring clean… or just a Tuesday clean….

If you need an extra pair of hands but haven’t figured out how to grow them yet, book a sitter to watch the children for a few hours so you can blast through the household chores whether it be shopping, mopping or chopping the veggies.

6. Extra hands…

Keeping on the thought of having extra hands… our sitters are happy to assist families with the evening routines for children when parents are unable to do so due to either illness, injury or even surgery.

7. Have a lie in

If your feeling the strain of the early morning alarm clock that is your children, why not treat yourself to a lie in? Book a early morning sitter at the weekend and get a few more hours kip, the best gift you can ever give yourself!!

Have you got any other ideas of how to use a sitter to help you and your family? Drop us a message, we’d love to hear from you.

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