Top tips for anxious parents

“We just don’t go out….”

SafeCircle have been to a number of family fun days over the summer and talked to hundreds of parents about their current babysitters and were shocked at the number of parents who told us that, as they don’t have friends or family in the area who can babysit for them, “we just don’t go out”. Several parents told us that they last went out together without the child over 5 years ago!

A lot of the parents we spoke with told us about the #1 reason for not going out…. anxiety about using a babysitter they don’t know. This is a completely natural response and you wouldn’t be the first or last parent to feel this way.

After telling the parents about who our babysitters are and how we recruit them we talked about how some of super anxious parents have tackled their worries to enable them to have some child free time. Here are what other parents are doing to battle the barrier to using babysitters:

Book a sitter earlier than needed:

The majority of our member families started by booking a babysitter an hour before they were planning to leave. This is a great way to introduce the babysitter to the children and observe their interactions, enabling parents to feel comfortable with the sitter before heading out. Our babysitters are skilled professionals working with children daily so most parents have reported to us that within 10 minutes of their arrival they find themselves saying “I don’t know what I was so worried about?”.

The other benefit of booking the babysitter an hour before you plan to leave is that, whilst the children are being entertained downstairs or settled into bed, you can head for a shower and finish getting ready without having to juggle putting your shoes on and constant questions… “mummy can I have….”, “daddy where you going?”

Book a sitter and stay at home:

We think this is a great idea which was shared with us by a parent on their recent booking. She was still anxious about booking through the website even though she used the ‘Request a Call’ feature to talk with her favourite babysitter, so she decided to book but stay at home.

The parent booked the sitter for a Saturday afternoon and after introducing the babysitter to her children she went upstairs to enjoy a long bath, chocolate and Netflix binge. Being in the house she was able to hear the children and felt comforted knowing they were happy and safe.

After this great start the parent felt able to book again and head out with friends for a meal without a worry, although we know she does still occasionally book a babysitter for some child free baths.

Book a sitter and stay local:

The final idea which was shared with us by parents was to book a babysitter but stay local. This couple settled their baby to sleep before the babysitter arrived and after showing the sitter where the child was sleeping and the kitchen etc they headed out to the local pub for a quick meal and drink (only 10 minute walk away). They were only gone for 90 minutes and kept in contact with the babysitter by text every 20-30 minutes.

This helped the couple to feel comfortable with leaving their child for the first time with someone who wasn’t family. After this they started to book for longer and were eventually happy to even leave the county for a concert one evening.

Do what makes you comfortable:

Leaving your children with someone new is always going to stir feelings of anxiety but the important thing to remember with SafeCircle is that EVERY babysitter is a childcare professional with proven qualifications and experience. We only accept approx 1 in 10 applicants due to our stringent vetting process.

At the end of the day your children are precious and should be cherished, so do what makes you feel comfortable when considering babysitting options and perhaps try one of the above to get you started on your journey to a little more child free time.


If you have any questions at all about who SafeCircle is or how we work please feel free to contact us on the details below and our team would be more than happy to answer your queries:



Tel: 0203 811 0445 (Mon-Sun 6pm-11pm)


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