Parenting Hacks Part 2

Parenting is really busy and challenging but we have another 10 x Parenting Hacks to make things just a little but easier for you:

1# Lost Child Bracelet

Loosing your child is a parent’s worst nightmare. This is a great idea for when you’re out and about with your kids in a crowded place. Get a bracelet made with your number on so if they get lost someone can call you asap.



2# Toilet Paper Police

If your children are going through toilet paper like water then try this nifty trick. Place a line on the wall under the paper to indicate to your child how much paper they should be using to clean themselves.



3# Craft Table

Don’t let your little ones cot gather dust in the garage when they move to a toddler bed. Make it in to an awesome craft table using a little DIY skills and some blackboard paint.



4# Door Guard

If your worried about trapped fingers or dents in the wall from temper tantrums, try putting a piece of foam pipe covering on the edge of the door to make a bouncy barrier.



5# Baby Proof Flight Packs

We love this idea! If you’re heading on a plane journey and worried about your mini travelers getting a bit unsettled make some cute little packs to give out to the passengers sitting near you with a few sweet treats and ear plugs.



6# Hole free Safety Gates

The worst things about setting up the essential baby gates is having to drill holes in to your walls and banisters. Try this trick by attaching a wood panel to the banister with zip ties and screw the baby gate in to the wood instead.



7# Apple Bumpers

Prevent your kids from refusing to eat their brown apples by wrapping a few rubber bands around them to protect them from bruises.



8# Potty Liners

Potty training is a tough task as it is but try this little trick to help making cleaning out the toilet easier by putting a coffee filter in the potty before your child uses it for a poop. Quick and easy removal no need to anti-bacterial every 5 seconds.



9# Lolly Dips

Ice-lollies can make such a mess when your kids take their time eating it. Minimise this mess by using an upside down coffee lid or a cupcake paper.



10# Rubber Ducky

Prevent your kid’s bath toys from getting moldy and water clogged by gluing the holes up before they use them. A bit of hot glue is all you need.



Part 3 of the Parenting Hacks coming soon…. Keep checking back.

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