“Never work with animals or children…”

So the saying goes, you should never work with animals or children, but this isn’t showbiz and we love children and all the antics that come along with it. Children are simply hilarious in everyway and they don’t have to try. From the funny things they say to silly stuff they do. Here are some of the highlights from my childcare career.


Drinking from the shoe

Whilst working at a day nursery the children were enjoying some water play. The children were wearing just a nappy and splashing around in the water. Their clothes were piled up on the floor in a corner out of the ‘splash zone’. Between myself and my colleague we turned around for a second – which we all know of more than enough time for a child to get into trouble. I turned back around to find one of the children having a drink….from the water tray….out of another child’s shoe! Just to add another step to this… the water had glitter in it!


Singing the TSB advert at dinner table

Do you remember that TSB advert with the train and the catchy tune – hohohoho-hoho-hohohoho-hoho? Well sitting at the table for lunch in nursery a little boy Josh decided to start singing this, and had me and my colleagues in tears laughing.


Sex on fire

At a family bbq there were a few young children around and one of the youngest a toddler decided he wasn’t ready for bed and so was up with us whilst the adults were playing Guitar Hero. With one of the guitars on the floor he was strumming along with us and head banging to the music. As the song changed to Sex on Fire by The Kings of Leon, Oliver joined straight in with singing along to the song… only being two he didn’t know all the words so just jumped right into the chorus singing “sex…fiiiirrrreee” at the top of his lungs!


Projectile vomit

Children are ill all the time when they are younger, while they are still busy building their immune system. As a childcarer however we all dread it when children are so ill they projectile vomit. Well I was unfortunate enough to have experienced this however it was made funny (rightly or wrongly) by the sheer spectacular fashion in which Emily performed this.

Whilst playing on the carpet area Emily suddenly stood up and standing perfectly still I asked if she was ok. She promptly responded by projectile vomiting across the carpet… and over 2 other children.


These are just a few of the many funny moments since I started working in child care and I am sure there will be more to come and I look forward to it. I enjoy children being children: getting into trouble and being messy as children should.



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