Parenting Hacks Part 1

Parenting is really busy and challenging but we have 10 x Parenting Hacks to make things just a little but easier for you:

1# Scavenger Hunt

If the kids are bored of playing with their toys but you don’t have time to keep them entertained, try creating a quick scavenger hunt by drawing or printing images of items around the house they have to go and find.


2# Fridge Safety Catch

Do you have mini fridge raiders? Keep your children out the fridge using two command strip hooks and a rubber bracelet.


3# Bed Guard

If your children tend to fall out of bed try using a pool noodle under the bed sheet, it will help prevent them rolling out when asleep without the need for a metal frame bed side.


4# Glow in the Dark Bathtime

Trying to get your little ones into the bath can sometimes be a battle. Make it more exciting and fun using a few glow stick and dimming the lights.


5# Medicine Tracking

Remembering to give your child their medicine for the full course can be a hard when juggling with everything else especially if your child is at nursery or school who will also provide this on occasions. Try writing on the side of the bottle AM and PM boxes for the full length of the course, then simply cross each dose off as you go.


6# Water Painting

Keep little ones entertained in the garden on a warm day by letting them help ‘paint the fence’ using a paint brush and pot of water.


7# Foam Fire Guard

We all know the fireplace is a hazard zone for kids when they are rolling, crawling and starting to walk. Cushion the sharp edges and hard surfaces using interlocking foam play mats.


8# Mist Cooling Spray

On a hot summer day putting your child in their car seat comes with some risks including burns. Keep a mist spray bottle of water in the car and simply spray on the buckles and cool them right down in an instant.


9# Dummy Controllers

If the kids are wanting to play along with dad on the Playstation try giving them an old controller each (unplugged) and let them think they are playing along whilst pushing all the buttons they like.


10# Babysitting Information

If you’re heading out for the night and leaving the kids with the babysitter, this is a great way of making sure you leave all the relevant information in one place for them. Just use a dry ease marker on a glass photo frame and change it for each night out. Easy.


Which of these Parenting Hacks is your favorite? Keep an eye out for our next set of hacks coming soon.

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